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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HunTrips?™ is a next generation International Hunting Adventure Booking and Travel Service created to be the World's Foremost Hunting Website. Our user friendly website provides today’s Hunter with a “One Stop Shop” platform for Researching, Planning, Outfitting, and Booking a Dream Hunting Adventure Anywhere in the World with the best Professional Outfitters at the Guaranteed Lowest Price.....

How Does HunTrips Work ?
HunTrips connects you to the world of hunting in many ways. Using HunTrips you can browse the world's best hunting outfitter's trips and adventures by species or location. You can also interact by selling items on HunTrade, asking questions on HunTalk, and posting videos on HunTube. Browse the easy to navigate site and plan and book your next hunting adventure!

I signed up, but I cannot login, what's wrong?
If you cannot login, you may have cookies disabled. Also, be sure you are using case-sensitive user name and password. If problems persist, contact us

Do I have to re-register for HunTube & HunTalk?
No, register here and use the same login and password for all 3 websites!

I lost my password, what do I do?
Simply goto the login page and click "forgot password" - An email will be sent to you. If you no longer have access to this email account please email us and we will assist you.

Why can't I view the HunTrips price?
You must register and login to in order to view the HunTrips exclusive price.

How can I order a trip through HunTrips?
Simply register, login, and find your trip. Click the large button that says "reservation information" and you can send us a request. We will then contact you using your account information with the full trip details.

Are HunTube, HunTalk, & HunTrips the same site?
Yes, is the main website and HunTube and HunTalk are part of the network.

Why do some trips look messed up in my web browser?
Some user posted trips, items, or profiles, may look different in different browsers. If you are having any problems viewing the website please email us.

Can I book a trip on HunTrips over the phone instead of online?
Currently all trips can be booked online, but if you have any questions or comments before making your reservation you can contact us by phone.

I have a trip to post on HunTrips, how can I do this?
Please contact us and we will gladly give you more information

Does have an affiliate program?
Coming Soon!™ is the #1 online site for Hunting, Hunting Trips, Hunting Adventrues & Travel, Hunting Travel, Equipment, & all things Hunting.

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