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About HunTrips


The Worlds Foremost Hunting Website was founded by hunting enthusiasts who identified the dire need in the global online hunting community for a true "One Stop Shop" hunter centric website environment that would provide the worldwide hunting community with the full spectrum of Goods, Services, and Networking capabilities all together in one convenient platform.

To accomplish our aggressive goal we engaged some of  Silicon Valleys brightest minds, industry experts in the development of cutting edge Web 2.0 technology and social networking platforms, to design an all inclusive next generation international booking and travel service website featuring best quality hunting and adventure trips from all over the world within a best of breed Social Networking Environment specifically focused on the world of hunting.

                           Go ahead, “Make Your Day”, with its user friendly environment, makes it easy for you to research our value priced hunting and adventure trips by Species, Location, Adventures, or Featured specials offered at super discount prices including Flights and Hotels exclusively through

HunTrade - If your desire is to Trade, Sell or Buy pre-owned hunting gear within a hunter friendly environment, you will find HunTrade to be an excellent resource for finding exactly what you’re looking for and negotiating directly with your peers for your desired result.

HunTube - Want to view or post hunting videos and stories on a social network that is focused exclusively on users who share your passion for the hunt? Then you’ll love HunTube.

HunTalk - Because every hunter has questions regarding Trips, Outfitters, Guides, Equipment, etc. we developed the HunTalk forum to be the most hunter focused source for peer to peer online communication, available anywhere, for exchanging valuable information and ideas provided exclusively to our users by the worlds hunting community.

HuntBuck$ - Finally, when you have decided to book the hunt of your dreams, or to purchase that rare but expensive item you discovered, and have limited cash available or don’t want to cash in a CD before its maturity, whatever the reason, you can rely on HuntBuck$ to provide you with the lowest rate financing available, so you don’t have to wait forever to live your dream.

We Aim to Please...

No matter what your wants, needs, or requirements may be, relative to hunting, outdoor adventures, or the shooting sports, you will find it at As a valued member of the HunTrips community, if you don't find what your looking for on our website or you have new ideas, comments, or suggestions on how we could improve the online experience, please don't hesitate to "contact us". was purposely designed to continually evolve based on the wants and needs of our loyal members.


"Welcome to our Campfire"

Team Huntrips™ is the #1 online site for Hunting, Hunting Trips, Hunting Adventrues & Travel, Hunting Travel, Equipment, & all things Hunting.

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© 2008 Huntrips, Inc. provides information for people searching for the following keywords: Hunting Trips, Hunting Outfitters, Hunting Gear, Hunt Trips, Hunting Guides, Hunting Forums, Hunting Videos, Hunting Website, Hunter Community, Hunting Informaiton Online, Hunting Adventures, Hunting Lodges provides information on hunting trips and hunting outfitters in the following areas: Africa, Asia, North America, South Africa, British Columbia, Mexico, Tajikistan, Alaska, Wyoming, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, Russia, Argentina, South America, Kyrgyzstan, Nevada, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Yukon, Texas, Washington, Oregon, California, Florida, Mid West USA , South West USA, South Pacific, Tanzania, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Cameroon, Zambia covers many types of hunting trips including: Elk Hunting, Deer Hunting, Lion Hunting, Whitetail Hunting Trips, Bear Hunting, Rhinoceros Hunting, Duck Hunt Trips, Bow Hunting, Big Game Hunting, Trophy Hunting, Mule Deer Hunting, Sheep Hunting, Pheasant Hunting, Goose Hunting, Waterfowl Hunting, Game Bird Hunting, Dangerous Game Hunting, Antelope Hunting, Plains Game Hunting, Cape Buffalo Hunting, Elephant Hunting, Bison Hunting, Pig Hunting, Alligator Hunting, Black Bear Hunting Trips, Caribou Hunting, Archery, Shooting Sports, Sporting Clays, Skeet Shooting, Trap Shooting.